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My name is Ray Joselane. I’m an avid sports fan and have always wanted to make a career out of sports writing. I was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs and love my hometown teams more than anything. (Just don’t tell my wife.) I played baseball my entire life before attending Bradley University, where I majored in journalism. Since then, I’ve decided to focus on my hobbies: sports, sports and sports. Naturally, I have a true hatred for everything Brett Favre, but there’s no way to explain my odd love for Steve Buechele and Doug Dascenzo.

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Lou’s Decision Making Lacking
It scares me that I can actually look like that. I think I have a glamour shot I can replace it with.
Lou’s Decision Making Lacking we have the two worst relievers in the game.
Can Soriano Keep it Up?
I know that many people including myself were not pleased with the fact that we were signing this guy to an 8 year contract. But you have to admit th
Blunders Galore
I was thinking about Gonzalez as well but I think it will depend more on what the Padres record looks like. They are currently running first, 3 1/2 g
Statistics Show Potential
Thanks robot. Appreciate the love.
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